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Lack of Engineers Threatens German Automakers

It is extremely strange that eastern Europe was not mentioned at all here...

Is that the end of ?

The biggest Polish social-network (Nasza-Klasa, , established Nov 2006) daily page views dropped -55% (-55.5% estimated percentage of global pageviews on within last 3months - Alexa); Admins of this social network do their best to increase traffic by adding new features but it was an already lost battle a year ago. Biggest competitor - pulled a lot of users from to their bigger and world-wide recognized network. Nasza klasa landed on 601st position in Alexa ranking (7th of August). But not only Facebook is to blame.

First techincal related test entry


This is test.


ADuC7000 Introduction


I had a chance to work a bit with ADuC7000 microcontrollers. I worked mainly
on a ADUC7024, rev. B1 evaluation board:
with evaluation version of KEIL uVision, available for educational purposes
(with limitations) on

KEIL software is a very powerful debugging platform that supports ulink
debugger (JTAG by KEIL). You can find more details about it on the
manufacturer's website: Ulink allows for

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