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Ruby: Stockmarket data retriever -> CSV

This software retrieves data from WEB and saves as CSV.
Data includes fundamentals such as P/E, P/BV, ROA, ROE,
OPBT, Income and so on; also retrieves the gains for
last 5, 10 days, 1, 3, 6 mnts, 1, 2, 3, 5 yrs [if available].

After generation of CSV make sure the file looks right;
it may not look right if webpage was changed. I used this
script just couple of times.

Requires: rubygems and nokogiri

Source code

require 'rubygems'
require 'nokogiri'
require 'open-uri'
class Company
  def initialize(name, url)

Stockmarket data retriever (bash)

Couple of rainy hours on Sunday and here is a software that retrieve stockmarket
gains data from web. It lists web page with list of companies and retrieves specific
pages using Bash/curl/awk/sed. source: source:

This software was tried in Oct and may require updates if web pages structures were modified.

Verilog for Linux

To install Verilog compiler and simulator do following on your Ubuntu machine:

sudo apt-get install gtkwave
sudo apt-get install ghdl
sudo apt-get install iverilog

I was really impressed with how the gtkwave all this stuff works altogether.
To see more - try source ZIP file you can find on following page: Progressive video generator .
Simply unzip it and type make

Intel - Ivy bridge

Intel revealed some brief information about their new development - Ivy Bridge
After creating an alliance with Google's Android - it seems like Intel
do their best in terms of development. However on the other hand - their
pressure to get to the market on time may have some drawback for silicon
evaluation. We saw that already with Sandy bridge:

Changes Intel is aiming for in their Ivy bridge are not in well
established perihperals (as it would happen for ARM-licensees)

3D pressure is on

3D pressure is on everywhere from consumer electronics vendors.
Everything started with Avatar and 3DTVs; now we have more
3D cameras, 3D projectors and mobiles with built-in 3D camera
systems. It seems that all these guys try to make much pressure
to get into 3D so they gradually flood market with all 3D stuff...

Below an article how Nintendo tries to boost sales of their their 3D console.
They were not pretty successful so far with it, slashing significantly prices.

Android chip alliance (Intel and Google)

Intel and Android joined together alliance.

It seems that since Win8 will have its port for ARM,
Intel started looking for other strategic relationship
that would strengthen their ground. They found Google
with their Android.

It is really interesting how much extra attention Android will be
giving to Intel's platform and what will be the outcome of this
alliance. Mostly marketing? It is well known that Android is
multi-platform device and its developers will do their best to
make it working for everybody. ARM might be also more power-efficient

ARM-powered laptops by Acer waiting for Win8

Armdevices as well as techeye informed that ACER will wait with its
ARM-based laptops for Windows 8. It suggests major changes in an
Intel-dominated area. ARM known for its low-power and highly-efficient
solutions seems to be ready to take some (nice) share of laptop market.

Best free Text to Speech software

Finding a free TTS of satisfying quality might be not an easy task.
After digging through couple of TTS and online processors I found
couple of programs (or websites) that can indeed speak pretty fine,
but not allowing to save into wave or mp3. Or the opposite - allow
for saving to wave or mp3 but while processing text to speech - don't
really care about punctuation, making them horrible to listen to. - provides free software in limited version,
however reading is not smooth and many times we can hear sort of

More interesting articles

Few interesting articles from today

Wired: The Tech Thah Took Out Gadhafi;

Alt Text: Teens Are Getting High on Social Media
I think I saw similar one here:

Well Facebook joins people having same hobbies or no hobbies... leading
in the end to abuses. Shocking but that's the way it is;

NASA to Test Laser Communications System in Space

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