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Gains since bottom; WIG20 +220%, DJ +195.6%, FT-SE 173.4%, etc...

Some interesting data on what we gained since 2008. +where and +inflation.

WIG20 BOTTOM: 17.02.2009, 1327pts
WIG20 COMPARING POINT (9.03.2009): 1455 pts (+9.6% since 17.02)
WIG20 TOP: 28.04.2009, 2932pts
WIG BOTTOM TO TOP: 1.605pts, 220.9%
WIG20 COMPARING TO TOP: 1477pts, 201.5%
JUL 08: ~ 4.7%
JUL 09: ~ 3.5%
JUL 10: ~ 2.2%
JUL 11: ~ 4.2%
INFL DATA FROM HERE: http://www.tradingeconomics.com/poland/inflation-cpi

DJ COMPARING POINT VS BOTTOM OF WIG20 (17.02.2009): 7552 pts
DJ BOTTOM: 9.03.2009, 6547 pts (-13.3% from 7552)

Going down; GDP next week

Yesterday's released Job Claims data that topped expectations added much negative sentiment onto global stock market. CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, FT all have recession mentioned on their main pages in smaller or bigger articles. It seems that it is pretty likely to happen. Stock-market drop fueled not only CEOs fears and doubts in strength of recovery we had since 2008, but it also causes a lot of doubt among consumers.

WIG20 blog

We jumped the trend line as expected; positive construction data from US;
Merkel and Sarkozy are willing to keep Eurozone with all possible measures,
and have plan to introduce another taxation ("financial transaction tax and fiscal
harmonisation") and some additional regulations such as declaration of
debt ceiling in all constituencies of EU countries.

Eastern-European market open mostly with red color.
WIG20 8:19GMT -1.04% 2362pts after opening at 2354 (-1.34%)

WIG20 futures

WIG20 futures

Today it should be more clear where we are heading with features and WIG20 itself.
Intraday for WIG20 doesn't say too much, but the longer same level is kept - more
chances for proper rebound. If WIG20 falls below 2287 we should have next stop at 2260,
however it would suggest bigger drop.

WIG20 Features

WIG20 index

Down down...

Nasdaq 2,556.39 -5.08%
Dow 11,383.70 -4.31%
20:21 EDT.

It speaks for itself... Will have to wait probably another week or two to understand
better what is happening; if it is W recession or just panic and best
time to buy

Falling down...

WIG20 down by 91.5 pts at the end of the day (-3.55%), a huge panic drop.

DJIA down to 11634pts 12:41 (-2.20%)
DJIA would have to cross today line around 12000 points to break trend line.
Obviously this is not gonna to happen.
So need to wait for bottom to buy.

EURUSD traverses down to 1.4165 (12:43PM EDT) from 1.4358.
EURCHF down to 1.0872 (12:45PM EDT) from 1.1043

Long way down?

WIG20 fell -3.26% to 2579. Massive drop from 2665.

DJIA rebounded a little (+0.25%, 16:05ET) up after tumbling down. It doesn't mean really anything as wave didn't cross main, falling trend; we should not see gains until then.

On the other side clouds are gathering over Europe; on a BBC page another European leader promises same as Brian Cowen last year...: Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has said the country will not be drawn into the debt crisis engulfing Europe.

Recession again?

Not a good for a first post, but might seem we are running into recession once again.


All major indicators show lack of confidence in high-risk investing. DJIA, Nasdaq loses a lot;

That's just a first blog entry... positive have to say :/.

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