Is that the end of ?

The biggest Polish social-network (Nasza-Klasa, , established Nov 2006) daily page views dropped -55% (-55.5% estimated percentage of global pageviews on within last 3months - Alexa); Admins of this social network do their best to increase traffic by adding new features but it was an already lost battle a year ago. Biggest competitor - pulled a lot of users from to their bigger and world-wide recognized network. Nasza klasa landed on 601st position in Alexa ranking (7th of August). But not only Facebook is to blame. introduced new terms in June 2010 not acceptable to new users (giving copyrights to your all content). They were also slow to introduce innovations in 2009 and 2010; introduced games that were annoying to many users [results appearing on the wall] also merging with [a Polish kind of EBay] was not a best choice that created market of some sorts on the page.
In June and July - users received couple of messages from administrators, listing all changes and improvements. It clearly shows they are desperate to get more attention.

All below data comming from

Estimated percentage of global pageviews on
Pageviews Change
Yesterday 0.00354 -5%
7 day 0.00394 -1%
1 month 0.00401 -37.3%
3 month 0.00723 -55.5%

You can find more data here: bad results have their roots not only in facebook but in lagging innovations, however we can see general trend caused by giant Facebook on other international social-services; Below is an estimated percentage of global pageviews on

As of 7th of August below are top 20 of Polish websites:

  1. Google Poland (
  2. Facebook
  3. Google (
  5. YouTube
  6. Allegro
  7. Wirtualna Polska (

Well... it seems that if you are about to start a new social network - it should provide something totally different than Facebook or Linkedin.