ourhobbies.org - geosocial network

A geosocial network - www.ourhobbies.org - has a new video on its main page.
Basically it is a website that is created to find neighbors having same hobbies
such as sports but not necessarily. It uses Google Maps engine and it facilitates
its own proprietary engine.

When you type a "geosocial networks" into google - you will find plenty of
posts especially from in between 2009 - mid 2011. It suggests that geosocial
networking was something people spoke about a while ago but now it is fading
somehow away... (?)
Would it be because dominance of Facebook? Or rather people bored with social
networking (again because of Facebook)? States from
http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/facebook.com show how many people use Facebook
on a daily basis; It suggests some level of saturation.