Social media and Google+

Some time ago I found in PC world an article about Google+. I wanted
to comment on this, but didn't have much time before Christmas. It was
about Google+ and its risky Big Bet.

I tried to find my good friends, but none of them really on G+

Is Google's Big Bet on Google+ Too Risky?
"Google has made it clear that Google+, far from being a stand-alone social networking site, is rather a much broader and more ambitious initiative that carries implications for the company's other products."

The question really about Google+ is - isn't this project too ambitious?
Personally I really doubt in Google+. Google did create number of really
good and interesting projects but now tries to get into the market where
there is probably around 900mln people signed up to Facebook.

It is pretty clear that social media will not be gaining users as fast
as they have been for last 4 years. Most likely it will become more
and more flat every year, so effectively if Google doesn't offer something
ground-breaking - its unlikely for people to massively go to Google.
People installed Facebook to be able to see what's happening with their
friends; now they have it already; what will make them to change the
social network?

As I'm about to change mobile - I started to thinking about changing
Facebook to Google+ like about changing mobile network.

Why statistically average people want to change mobile networks?

  1. tariffs (e.g. calling friends who are already in other network)
  2. mobiles
  3. coverage

generally: all sales action, more money-saving.

Why people would change social network?
-> (???) integration of Google services?

It is true that Google have number of their products and they can
integrate those products easier (YouTube, Android-Apps, etc.), but
I doubt that it will affect Facebook on a scale Google is expecting
it. Here is an another Article from PC World titled:
9 Reasons to Switch from Facebook to Google+

I really don't think people will change massively to Google+.
Many of people will not switch because they don't want to lose friends.
- Will some of them be using two social networks?
->>> Will they have time for that???
To me it is pretty clear.

Other Google invetions

Let's see some of other recent Google's ideas: