What to expect in 2012?

Newspapers and news pages predicts pretty positive new 2012 year.
Media mentions a lot about next generation mobile phone networks
and negotiation of spectrum for 4G LTE networks.

It looks like there is some optimism for a next 2012. However I don't think
about any serious growth before March.

I don't see here anything really special (???). The only thing they
mention everybody is looking more and more serious is power.

Mobiles mobiles mobiles....

We should expect big battles over next gen mobile phone networks.
There is so much attention about these things and so many players
Im wondering where are all the people who are going to buy it,
but no doubt - they will be there...

4G LTE Revenues Projected to Exceed $265 Billion Globally in 2016, Finds Juniper Research

Intel Reorganizes Mobile Business to Speed and Improve Development

Nokia sets return to US smartphone market
"give Windows Mobile a try"
"Microsoft and Nokia are expected to invest heavily in marketing the Lumia and other Windows handsets (...)"

Motorola patent loses battle with Microsoft (ITC Favors Microsoft in Motorola Tiff):

Social Media

Mobile Social Media Users to Reach 650m in 2011 Rising to 1.3bn in 2016
I believe this article has more to do with mobile phones and ubiquitous
internet access given by mobile rather than social media itself.
Article mentions GeoSocial trends etc. In my own view - I believe it
is a trend that we are already following and have been looking into
for last years; software-wise and hardware-wise everything is ready to
be implemented for more Geo- located networks. Question is now more
about privacy and people accepting fact that they can be tracked...


Solar and going green looks like pretty important point in next years.
We can see that commodities and natural resources are shrinking and
era of cheap resources is over. Buffett invests some of money in solar;
it makes more sense in US rather than in Europe - due to some of tax breaks,
but it's a matter of time:

Solar power is expected it take more and more important role in next years.
We will see if there is enough marketing and tax-breaks to push pull this
technology on a bigger scale. Buffet's Berkshire already investing there
(Bloomberg informed about its latest investment in MidAmerican Energy
Holdings -> 49% stake).


Should we expect changes in dividends? Should we think about shifting our shares from telecoms to another companies??:

- "recent 'significant changes' in market conditions had forced it to lower its 2012 pay-out from a Forcasted 1.75 to 1.50".
- "first quaterly loss in nine years"
- "growing capital expenditure to improve outdated technology"
Would this mean that telecoms are no longer safe haven?

Telefonica dividend cut could open floodgates
And interesting as well:
Dividends’ predictability is their big advantage - comment


Growth?, new technology, investments.
US Chip tool makers in $3.3bn merger:
Lam Research+ Novellus System (might be targetting 3D chip structures)
Gartner (research firm) - "predicted a 20% decline in spending on semiconductor equipment in 2012".
>> slowing macro economy, high inventories and a sluggish PC industry <<

Apple to buy NAND flash firm:
Apple may buy Anobit Tech for $400-$500; NAND flash controller technology
Anobit began MSP2020 NAND production in cooper. with Hynix Semi. earlier this year.
MSP2025 up to: 256GB of NAND flash on 20nm and sub-20nm process tech.
Looking at this approach we can expect that Apple will not change profile
and will still produce mobile handheld devices. They don't share Google's
idea of cloud computing

TSMC preps for $26B fab
Aiming changes from CMOS to 14nm FinFET structures.