OpenCV: video grabber for linux

I spent some time trying to find out what I can use with Video for Linux
and with OpenCV. A couple of years ago the most popular for video-grabbers
were cards based on BT848, BT878 and similar.

As technology goes forward - there is more and more cards using totally
different chipsets, so it took me a while to figure out which one to buy
and live happy with grabber without any problems.

  • Open CV support
    First check what is on the OpenCV supported I believe (and I hope) it
    should have be really not important as normally Video grabbing should
    be done by built-into kernel V4L drivers; anyway - it is good to have
    a look on what do they list:
    bt878 rev 2 based TV/Video Grabber is left with comment
    "Test date: 2006-03-29, patch from OlivierBornet but not yet commited to
    anonymous access"...
  • V4L Support
    Time to check kernel (2.6.38) that is in my ubuntu:
    #10 -> Hauppauge (bt878)
    #143 -> Hauppauge ImpactVCB (bt878)
    "All cards with BT848/BT848A/BT878/BT879 and normal CVBS/SVHS are supported"

As aimed for BT* chipset - following stuff might be useful: heh... it is pretty old
document (2000) and I bet it is outdated - but mentions:
  "10: Hauppauge (new bt878 boards)" and 2.2.x kernel, so
  implemented long long time ago...

Now issues with this card and OpenCV are listed here:
  At the very bottom - it says Maverick/Natty works...

So... bought :) from Amazon: Hauppauge-ImpactVCB; works pretty well
with V4L; didn't have time yet to try it with OpenCV, but update
will be soon on that :).

UPDATE: Works pretty well!!