Waiting for next week (bad?) news

After week of rallies and gains on worldwide markets it is pretty
likely we can receive number of bad information. Sometimes it
looks like a standard cycle for big financial corporations - willing
to temporary change stock market outlook just to let them take their
profits and get onto the market in most convenient moment.
I believe it won't be a surprise if one or the other credit-rating
companies downgrades debt of some vulnerable country; or a bigger
news site pulls online some murky articles about Eu-zone perspective
somewhere next week.
It is fairly clear that Greece have financial problems; ECB and EU
are struggling with crisis that threatens euro zone. There is always
some potential financial risk or crisis that waits around the corner.

What is really interesting is a timing of these murky news to come.
It is clear that after a rally profits are taken which contracts
valuation of stock. Why it wouldn't be a bad time to publish some
gloomy revelations for a stock market press?

I think that it looks like natural cycles and it gives sometimes
impression that news about downgrading French's debt are already written
and just waiting for a perfect timing to be revealed and to make
maximum impact on equities...

Best gainers last 10 days (Friday morning; in brackets: 5 days): 2
AGROWILL: +41.54% (+31.43%)
CDRED: +41.98% (+44.84%)
ECARD: +38.1% (+52.63%)
EUCO: +38.37% (+22.78%)
IGROUP: +51.06% (+12.7%)
JAGO: +45.0% (-3.33%)
KCI: +37.78 (+24.0%)
MIDAS: +79.49% (+89.19%)
REINHOLD +36.0% (+9.17%)
TRANSPOL +38.76% (+29.85%

Most worrying macro data:
Consumer Index (39.8 vs forecast 46.5%)
Durable goods order (-0.8 m/m vs forecast -0.7%)
Jobless claims (402k vs forecast 401k)