Stockmarket data retriever (bash)

Couple of rainy hours on Sunday and here is a software that retrieve stockmarket
gains data from web. It lists web page with list of companies and retrieves specific
pages using Bash/curl/awk/sed. source: source:

This software was tried in Oct and may require updates if web pages structures were modified.

Progressive video generator

Rainy weekend resulted in this basic Video Generator for Verilog.
It can be user-adjusted for progressive timings (total line length, total
line count; number of active pixels per line and lines in frame; HS and VS
duration, backporches and frontporches; hv offset, and polarity of
outputs: hs, vs, de;

I wrote it under linux using iVerilog; GTKWave to simulate results. See
some of pictures below. Source is .ZIPped on the bottom along with makefile.

Market trend change?


Few intersting charts; Are we going to have change on the market?
If WIG20 jumps above 2200 pts - it might be a good sign to think about buying.

WIG20 chart

W20 futures

EURPLN. PLN strengthening against EUR.

WIG20 jumped back over 2100pts. EURPLN around 4.388 .. 4.403

Quick update: WIG20 jumped back over 2100pts.
EURPLN slowed volatility for the second day and it looks it may
become stagnant/falling in next days. National Polish Bank have
intervened couple of times since the beginning of last week to
keep EURPLN below 4.50EURPLN. It suggests EURPLN which already
goes flat will not go higher. Looking into politics before
elections - estimations show that Civic Platform leads with 31%
of votes against 21% of Law and Justice; not the best result
but a good one for investors.

WIG20 and worldwide stocks are still in falling trend; however

Intel - Ivy bridge

Intel revealed some brief information about their new development - Ivy Bridge
After creating an alliance with Google's Android - it seems like Intel
do their best in terms of development. However on the other hand - their
pressure to get to the market on time may have some drawback for silicon
evaluation. We saw that already with Sandy bridge:

Changes Intel is aiming for in their Ivy bridge are not in well
established perihperals (as it would happen for ARM-licensees)

3D pressure is on

3D pressure is on everywhere from consumer electronics vendors.
Everything started with Avatar and 3DTVs; now we have more
3D cameras, 3D projectors and mobiles with built-in 3D camera
systems. It seems that all these guys try to make much pressure
to get into 3D so they gradually flood market with all 3D stuff...

Below an article how Nintendo tries to boost sales of their their 3D console.
They were not pretty successful so far with it, slashing significantly prices.

Android chip alliance (Intel and Google)

Intel and Android joined together alliance.

It seems that since Win8 will have its port for ARM,
Intel started looking for other strategic relationship
that would strengthen their ground. They found Google
with their Android.

It is really interesting how much extra attention Android will be
giving to Intel's platform and what will be the outcome of this
alliance. Mostly marketing? It is well known that Android is
multi-platform device and its developers will do their best to
make it working for everybody. ARM might be also more power-efficient

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